David Penev | Dream Shop
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Dream Shop


Dream shop is an ecommerce platform focused in the IT Sector. It has been powering some large B2B systems used by thousands of people everyday. In 2015 the team asked me to help them turn this powerful platform into a modern digital product similar to Shopify, BigCommerce etc. My job was to create a simple design system to allow easy modifications and control.


– Flexible design framework

– User dashboard

– Design templates

– Marketing website

Design System


Responsive typography

Type size is defined by the viewport size.


Viewport Based Units

Vmin – is used to define white space between elements.


Flexible colours

The simple colour system makes modifications very easy.

Atomic Design

Pattern libraries make large projects really easy to manage and build. Dream shop is based on patternlab.io which gave us the ability to quickly iterate and build coherent interfaces.



The dashboard is where users manage their store – add products, fulfil orders or change templates.


Themes give users a vast amount of options to present their products, they can use some of the pre made themes or build their own

Marketing website

The last part of the project was to present it to in the best way possible.

Thank you for your time